Infinity Dashboard

An infinite number of possibilities at your fingertips

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Requires OS X 10.10 or later

Track Anything You Want

Infinity Dashboard allows you to track anything through its beautifully organized interface. With over 35 built-in modules, you can monitor things ranging from current weather, travel times, website stats, stock prices, birthdays and much more. You can even write your own custom modules to track almost anything you want.

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Stop Repeatedly Checking Websites

Having all your data points tracked and automatically updated within a single app means that you don't need to waste time throughout the day constantly checking multiple websites just to stay informed of what matters to you. See your App Store earnings, YouTube views, Facebook fans, Fitbit stats, exchange rates, Mac system info and more at a glance.

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Notifications For What Matters

Certain modules support notifications that allow you to get alerted to important changes to data you are tracking. For example, you can get notified when the price of a product you are tracking on Amazon changes.

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Emoji Picker for Groups

You can add a relevant emoji icon next to a group created in Infinity Dashboard to customise the interface further - it also helps to easily identify different sections within your dashboard.

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Share your Dashboard via the Web

Infinity Dashboard allows you to setup a local server and host a copy of your dashboard that will update in realtime. You can then expose your local url to the web using local tunnel and share your dashboard with others, or access it on your Windows PC or mobile device. Find out more

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Create Your Own Module

We have written extensive documentation to allow you to create and share your own custom modules. All you need is knowledge of Javascript. For more information on creating your own module, click here.

Auto-Refresh Data

Each module can be configured to refresh its data at a defined frequency. This allows you to minimise unnecessary requests, especially if you are using an API with usage restrictions.

Included Modules View user created modules

Amazon Price Tracker

Displays the price changes for a product listed on Amazon

iOS & Mac App Store Ranking

Displays the app ranking for a specific region

MacBook Battery Info

Displays statistics about your MacBook's battery

Bitcoin Price

Displays the current Bitcoin price in your preferred currency

Clicky Stats

Displays the stats from for today's unique visitors and bounce rate


Displays a countdown until a certain date and time

CPU Usage

Displays your current CPU usage

Currency Exchange Rate

Displays the current exchange rate for a currency pair

Available Disk Space

Displays how much space you have left on your main HD

Dribbble Stats

Displays the number of likes for a Dribbble shot or the number of followers for a profile

Facebook Page Stats

Displays the total likes/follows for a Facebook page

Fantasy Premier League Points

Displays the total number of game week points for your team on

Fitbit Stats

Displays stats from your Fitbit account

GitHub Project Stats

Displays information about a public GitHub Repo

Google Play Reports Status

Displays whether the Google Play reports have been released for today

Google Play Store Ranking

Displays the app ranking for a specific region

Hacker News Karma

Displays your Karma on Hacker News

Instagram Follower Count

Displays the total followers for an Instagram account

iTunes Connect Sales

Displays yesterday's sales proceeds based on PST (Local) timezone

iTunes Reports Status

Displays whether the iTunes reports have been released for today

Linode Bandwidth

Displays the bandwidth stats for your Linode account

MailChimp Stats

Displays the number of subscribers for a specific mailing list

Memory Stats

Displays stats about your memory

Product Hunt Upvotes

Displays the total upvotes for a Product Hunt submission

Reddit Karma

Displays your Karma on Reddit

StackOverflow Reputation

Displays your reputation on StackOverflow

Stock Price Tracker

Displays the stock price for a given stock symbol

Stripe Balance

Displays your current available balance on Stripe

World Time

Displays the current time for a selected timezone

Time Passed Since

Displays the time since a specific date and time in the past

Travel Time

Displays how long it will take by car in current traffic to get to a destination

Twitter Followers

Displays the number of followers for a Twitter account

Mac Uptime

Displays your Mac's uptime

Current Weather

Displays the current temperature and weather for a given location

Website Status Checker

Displays whether a website is online or offline

Word of the Day

Displays the word of the day from Merriam-Webster

YouTube Channel Stats

Displays the current total subscriber count, comment count, or viewCount

YouTube Video Stats

Displays the current view, comment, like, dislike, or favorite counts for a specific YouTube Video

Zendesk Unsolved Tickets

Displays how many unsolved tickets there are on a Zendesk support account

Import/Export Support & UI Themes

Infinity Dashboard comes with a choice of a beautiful light and dark theme, has import and export functionality to allow you to easily transfer your setup to other Macs and offers a choice of three window sizes to suit your personal taste.

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Infinity Dashboard

An infinite number of possibilities at your fingertips

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Requires OS X 10.10 or later

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